Discover Bethel Care Group

CARE= Call • Assist • Response • Encourage

It is important for you to find a place to belong, serve, and grow. It is our goal at Bethel to allow the Care Group format to develop healthy relationships, which will in turn equip and strengthen people for better lives and ministry. Care Groups are a great place for you to find a sense of community; they are designed to encourage you in your walk with Christ. We desire that no one stands alone and apart. We were made to be part of a family and a community.

Care Groups ministry exist for:
1. Discipleship: To encourage and pursue spiritual growth.
2. Ministry: To inspire and encourage each other to serve the Lord and Care
for His people (each other).
3. Evangelism: To provide an atmosphere for believers to learn, grow and
share their faith in Christ.
4. Fellowship: To connect, CARE for and celebrate each other.

What happens in a Care Group meeting?
This will vary from group to group, but a normal group meeting may include prayer, praise &worship, CARE discussion, Bible study, testimony, and refreshments.

What does it take to join a Care Group?
You can locate a group through our groups list or area map. Take time to browse through the current listings available to the right and choose a group of your choice. You can then sign-up online, call or email the group’s leader. Finally, CARE for each other.

What does it take to start a Care Group?
Are you interested in leading a care group in Bethel? Has God put a passion in you to help others grow spiritually? Do you enjoy providing support to people during difficult time in their lives? Would you like to join with others to worship, pray and study the Bible together in a friendly environment? Would you like to help new members feel connected and loved in a small group setting? Then the role of a small group leader may be right for you. Please click the start a group button to the right and provide us with your group idea!


Acceptable Leader
A regular attendee for at least 6 months in Bethel
Must be willing to become a member of Bethel
Must be someone who give tithe and offerings willingly and regularly
Must be a person of good reputation
Must have harmonious relationships with family members and Church
Must be someone who does not smoke, drink alcohol or use illegal drugs
Must be willing to abide by guidelines and attend required leadership meetings
Non Acceptable Activities for a Small Group Leader:
Any activity that promotes disharmony
Any illegal activity
Any activity that encourages dissension in the body of Christ
Any activity that is unethical or violates our code of conduct
Any activity that exploits relationships for personal financial gain.


Bishop Korfeh